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DanielTheFox and Open Source stuff

A recent (Sep 05, 2018) conversation regarding open source stuff gave me an idea: talking about how and what I feel about the Open Source community. It's just a subjective talk, if you hate people who have different opinion then you should immediately disconnect all power sources to your computing equipment and close this specific page.

What the heck is that?

As far I understood, Open Source means you can read the source code of the programs you use/have. The whole idea behind it is that people themselves can look into it and report wrong stuff or improve it and compile it for themselves. Also, they claim that you can also look for backdoors, so you can stop using said program if it threats your privacy. Don't be that picky about privacy: your government has been and will always be one step further.

How is this related to

All my programs include source code, so you can look what I have done to achieve such a thing. This has been source of complaints unrelated to the idea itself, such as "use a better programming language, QBasic sucks" or "put that M$ code in your @$$, [insert modern programming language] rocks!", or positive feedback such as "hey, I remember when I used QBasic back when I was a kid, nice job". Such feedback would not be possible if I kept the source hidden and buried under my backyard, I would receive other sorts of complaints regarding the hidden source code instead.

Do I like it?

To be honest, I don't f%#&*ng care if the idea grows or not: programmers have freedom to release or not the source code. If Joe wants to overprice his software and use restrictive licences, it's all right. If Pete wants to give away his nice and well-crafted program to the population without any charge, it's still all right. Users can choose their software, programmers can choose how to program their software and how to release it. Freedom is for everyone, so I definitely like both closed-source dealers and open-source community. I choose whatever program I need to use, I just use the best program out there (being fast, efficient and it should do what it intends to do) that does what I need at a given moment.

So what do I think about it?

You are free to do what you like to do. You have full control over your limbs and other body parts, don't itch me or anyone with hippie-like comments.