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Links for certain stuff you might want to see

DOSBox, needed on Mac, Linux, Windows 64-bit, recommended for Windows 32-bit when using certain video drivers

Campaign for keeping compatibility with old and new browsers while creating new webpages. Please, for the love of cute foxes, follow these tips before creating a mess!

Website for QuickBasic download, you need either QuickBasic 4.5 or QuickBasic 7.1 to read the .BAS sources (recommended 4.5)

Software Systems, useful DOS programs like a packet driver for NTVDM

Graham's Website, my inspiration for making this website lightweight

C64 chiptunes web radio station.

StupidFox comic, unrelated but cute

My friend's website

Patreon page for another friend who runs a DOS-like social network without the bloat in resources found in other places.

##DOS, homepage for MS-DOS related channel in IRC