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DanielTheFox is...

...DanielTheFox. DanielTheFox can be either a red fox or a standard human. DanielTheFox likes to program for his 486 PC with MS-DOS because the platform is fast and flexible even if the PC itself is slow. He prefers MS-DOS because it goes fast even in the slowest CPU, so it goes incredibly fast in modern computers. He uses three different operating systems (MS-DOS 6.22, Windows XP and Debian) so his brain has less space for something else like being a nice friendly fox. He dislikes alcohols, he rather uses water for maintaining himself awake 19 hours per day, enjoys his computers... and nothing else. Nobody knows how does he looks like, nobody knows how he sounds like, he just reads and writes.

What he doesn't like

He dislikes the tendency of software to EXPECT rather than just SUPPORT the newer hardware. He writes for the 486 because he wants his programs to run fast there, fast in a modern computer, fast in an old computer, fast everywhere (or at least to not complain because certain hardware is missing). He also dislikes the tendency of websites to take too much client-side CPU, abusing of JavaScript and using too much or too heavy graphics (notice this page loads just as fast as the DNS resolved the hostname and the information reached the physucal PC). This website is both dial-up and measured-data friendly, and it's also old-browser friendly (have you ever heard of Arachne Web Browser?).

What will he do someday

He will make some programs in BASIC and C, they're good programming languages, and the fact he targets DOS helps performance and that stuff.

What does he do when not programming?

DanielTheFox tends to listen to C64 chiptunes (found here), he likes MS-DOS gaming, some Windows gaming (whatever can be run in Windows XP) and to chat.

How to talk or chat with him?

DanielTheFox can be found only on E-mail or IRC

His email is danielfox16bit at gmail dot com

When using IRC, he usually goes to channels ##dos, #meow, ##ChatLibre and ##castellano, all in Freenode (you can chat now, but you need Java and a browser capable of the modern HTTPS). He is not always online, but you rather use the e-mail if you really need him to read from you.

What does the fox say?

Donations of any kind are extremely appreciated. Particularly hardware such as netbooks/notebooks/laptops. If you happen to be interested in helping out a cause, ask in the e-mail address above.